For Individual Children/Parents…more info

If the initial assessment has identified that the child would benefit from speech and language therapy intervention then options will be discussed at this point.   Our work is very much a partnership with the parents and the child’s educational setting. Parent involvement makes a significant difference to a child’s rate of progress. ‘Homework’ is often provided between sessions so that parents and families have ideas and strategies to continue work carried out in the sessions. This will help speed up the child’s progress and it is therefore incredibly important that parents/staff support this.

In some cases, we may suggest onward referral to other professionals if, for example, your child has difficulties with hearing, movement, social communication and/or learning.  This might include an Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant, Audiologist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Educational Psychologist, or another Speech and Language Therapist in a specialist area.  We have considerable experience collaborating with school staff and other professionals.

Under the NHS Act, individuals are entitled to seek speech and language therapy from one or more services of their choice; however they are not entitled to seek a service from more than one NHS provider.

If an individual chooses to receive therapy both from the NHS and from an Independent service, it is in the individual’s best interest for the Speech and Language Therapists to collaborate and with client or parental permission, make assessment results available to each other. The aim is for the therapists to agree on a complementary approach. Liaison between therapists is a professional duty outlined by the Health Care Professions Council and we have lots of experience of very successful partnership working.